Month: May 2015

The Good the Bad and the Ugly at the 2015 Bahrain GP

Lewis-Hamilton-BahrainOne of the most interesting aspects of being a Formula One enthusiast is the fact that you get to watch all action on the track unlike other sports where much drama happens off the pitch. Bahrain GP happens to be one of those races you can’t afford to miss and this year there was a lot of thrill – much of it good but of course with the good comes bad.

The Good

There is so much excitement surrounding Bahrain Grand Prix and on the 19th of April the International Circuit gave its fair share of thrill. For starters, Hamilton the cool guy of F1 was perfect in practice and took pole before beating the Ferraris to his 4th win.

But that’s not all; there was the rebirth of Kimi Räikkönen who has not been on the podium for quite a long time. It was also exciting to see Ricciardo come in 6th despite the engine problems with the Renault engine in the RB11. Grosjean was impressive for Lotus and Daniil Kvyat seemed to be finally making a point.

The Bad

Sebastian Vettel is a four time F1 champion and should definitely know and drive better than he did at the Bahrain 2015 GP. He had no rhythm and confidence and in his battle to catch Hamilton, he ran wide at turn 14.  With more pressure from Rosberg and Bottas, there was nothing the German could do but cling to 5th position.


Pastor Mladonado continued his enigmatic driving when he hit Massa’s FW37 and it is no wonder he has a website dedicated to his crashes. A bad driver or just a jinxed one; only time will tell whether the once Spanish GP winner will prove his worth and silence the doomsayers.

McLaren-Honda continued with their woes despite the team’s assertion that things are hunky-dory.  Jenson Button did virtually nothing at practice and qualifying and could not even start his MP4-30 for the race. Electrical troubles with the new car and Alonso’s mishap with tires put a damper on any signs of success for the team.

The Ugly

Love him or hate him, Bernie Ecclestone will continue shaping every item of F1 news for the unforeseeable future.  His assertion that he would like to see Vettel and Hamilton in one team will definitely rattle Mercedes considering the team and F1 supremo don’t see eye to eye.

Then there is the issue of engine changes that he feels will cut down costs but teams are yet to comment on.  Bernie has also sounded an ominous warning to Monza and teams about increasing costs, which means things might get even worse than they are.

Whatever the case, you cannot deny that the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix was one blended with fun, thrill, and glamour which is what F1 is all about.